NU Creative | Blog | Halloween Branding Favourites from NU Creative

All Hallows' Eve is upon us once again so we’ve tasked our team of creatives to find their favourite marketing campaign from some of the big brands that have creatively blended Halloween iconography with their own branding.

Here are our favourites and some reasons why they caught our eye.

James - Guiness Ghost Shadow Coasters

- A low budget creative and fun way to dress-up the already spooky coloured beverage to look the part in any halloween event.
- Curiosity provoking and tangible.
- Something which can be taken home and re-used.

Ryan - Marmite Trick or Treat

- either ‘Love it or hate it’ and to celebrate the season Marmite have released a ‘trick and treat’ limited edition set of Halloween jars. 
- The labels have been cleverly designed to make the contents look like a potion and poison, adopting green and red colours to emphasise this.
- The product launch is a play on words and latches onto the well known strapline used by the brand making it a clever PR stunt. 

Liam - Burger King’s Scary Clown Night

- Clowns come in all shapes and sizes but they’re always scary!
- It’s a clever reference to Ronald McDonald who has always been pretty creepy looking.
- The deal involves free food and we all love free food.

Watch the video here.

Steph - McDonald’s Fries Fangs & Ghostly Burgers

- Generally the conceptual look and feel of the whole campaign is refreshing, to have an elegant but scary style utilized within halloween.
- Innovative ways of using food objects to create the stereotypical halloween shapes.
- The use of lighting within the campaign to add that extra spooky feel but using the strong brand colours.
- It is simple but effective - but isn't simple the hardest thing to master in design?

Milena - Lush Little box of Horrors

- Everything you need to look so fresh and so clean before applying your Halloween face paint.
- It’s good to know these products are vegan and cruelty-free when you’re about to become a flesh eating zombie.
- Love the box referencing Little Shop of Horrors and the minimal packaging which is good for the environment.

Karen - Top Shop + Stranger Things In-store Collaboration 

- Coincided with the release of season 2 around Halloween.
- Along with clothing merch, Topshop Oxford Street decorated its store with various interactive set pieces such as Hawkins lab, Will’s den and the arcade and played the soundtrack on in the background to create a truly amazing immersive in-store experience.
- The accessible window display allowed visitors to test their telekinetic powers.
- Did a well made redesign of the Topshop logo to match the colours and typography of the Stranger Things logo.
- Website had a cool ‘Strangeify’ button where the images on the website would be displayed upside down in reflection of the Upside Down world in ST. 
- In all, a very cool example of two brands teaming up to create a fun and spooky shopping experience.  

Nnamdi - Oreo Orange Coloured Creme + Wizard of Oz

- Simple minimal design that is instantly recognisable with or without seeing the film.
- Ties perfectly with the design of the witch’s leggings and the oreo shape.
- Smart way to present the brand’s seasonal colors/flavours.
- Always a fan of work that doesn’t require much if any copy.

Theo - M&M’s: Millie & Max Interactive Ghost Story

- Engaging social media content and a reason to talk about the brand.
- Interactive and people/customers-driven content.
- The episodic choose-your-own-adventure kept the audience engaged regularly and for a while with a voting system.
- Easy and cheap as most of the content comes from the audience.
- Easy way to make sure your customers will be satisfied with the content of your marketing campaign.