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We know about the importance of brand and storytelling. We work hard every day, helping our clients to communicate their core values, tell their story through their brand architecture and zealously guard their output to make sure it is consistent, meaningful and strong.

The fact is though, that by doing this, we hardly get the time to look at our own brand. We know this is the same for many of our clients and that’s why they come to us in the first place, to help drive this process through.

NU Creative turned 15 this year and since the day Sarah and Tim first opened the doors of their business, we have continued to evolve, nurture talent and build on our expertise to support the ever changing needs of our clients.

As with all stories, ours has changed, and we are not the same company we were 15 years ago. We are more confident and more engaged than ever before in the fine art of brand, design and communication and we felt it was time we had a brand which reflected where we are now and expressed our positivity about the future.

Brand storyline animation

At the heart of our new brand is our storyline which represents connections…our humanity, the importance of relationships and our ethos, which is about being transparent and honest. The storyline graphic is a modular device and a core element in our identity which we use to create bespoke artworks through which we can talk about ourselves, the world around us, about our clients and how we work. The expression of the graphic shows our creativity and places relationship and collaboration at the core of our story.

The storyline also represents the creative process in detail and can be put together in almost endless variety which offers flexibility in design and shows our flexibility in our approach to the work we do.

A core part of this function is working and collaborating with the client and the way we can adapt ourselves to fit with the clients’ needs in order to achieve great work. Therefore, it can be used to talk about relationship, responsiveness, adaptability, creativity and process...all as a part of our journey.

Our vibrant palette shows our confident side with a sophisticated palette of supporting soft shades which gives range and tone to our visual expression enabling us to ramp up and dial down when needed.

We love typography, it’s a foundational design element and choosing the right fonts for us has sometimes been a challenge. But the effort and patience involved has been well worth the reward. We are working with Commercial Types’ beautiful Sanomat font. A wonderful rounded, expressive typeface which says elegance, fun, confidence and sophistication all in one bundle.

It may seem a strange time to launch a new visual identity and it’s a fact that worldwide we are in uncharted territory. But like many other businesses around the world, we need to carry on and be proactive. We recently wrote about the impact of cutting marketing budgets in times of downturn and how this action can impact on your business’ recovery, which you can read here on Linkedin. We are actively encouraging all of our clients to take the opportunity to look inwards, assess their marketing output, address areas which can be improved and refresh materials and messaging which can support them to be fit and healthy as we hopefully start the sprint to recovery as a nation. Many clients have jumped at the opportunity and we are delighted to be showcasing some recent brand launches on our Instagram and Linkedin feeds. 

As we move forward as a company, we want to be clear about our messaging and about what we love to do. We love brand, design and communication across all platforms and media, in all of it’s multi-faceted glory. In expert hands it has the power to transform businesses and lives for the better.

If you would like to talk to me about your business and how your brand is currently being perceived. Or you have an idea of where you are going but feel held back by your current brand image just drop me a line at