NU Creative | Blog | Making conferences virtual

The current global pandemic has led to the need for very different thinking in the live event and meeting space. With no clear idea of when things might return to ‘normal’, many events and meetings are now being postponed indefinitely or cancelled.

Businesses who rely on or utilise events as an important part of their sales and marketing mix, need to adapt their approach in order to offer new, engaging meeting solutions that can compete on the same level as a live experience.

Now is the time for the ‘virtual’ conference.

Virtual conferences and meetings are not new and they can be very expensive. They often include many third-party plug-ins and iframes which can cause glitches and IT problems. This has led us to create an affordable and completely bespoke solution.

Our solution

We can deliver a solution that provides all the functionality you would want or need from a virtual event, already fully-integrated. We can customise the platform to your event branding and designs, whilst keeping entry costs low.

So what functionality is included?

Package costs

To make things easy, we have developed a package price to get your virtual conference branded and live. This can be done in as little as 2 weeks from initial brief. The platform costs are per month, for as long as you want the platform live and in use, meaning there are no long contracts or license fees to worry about. It’s an entirely ‘on-demand’ solution. 

Fancy a demo? 

Please call or email us (details below) and we can personally show you around our bespoke virtual events solution, to show you what it’s capable of. or