NU Creative | A2 Dominion

Changing times

We worked together with A2Dominion on the creation of their 2019-2020 annual report, providing concept development, artwork and copyediting support.

The theme of this year’s report was the transition to the Group’s new corporate strategy. It also reflected the coronavirus pandemic and A2Dominion’s work to provide continuity to their customers. These customers still needed to be supported and services still needed to be delivered – which indeed they were. The idea of change and continuity was woven through the report by the use of a linear graphic device, representing a journey. This was underpinned by the graphic devices and text used throughout the report.




Annual report

Due to Covid restrictions, the company was unable to shoot the candid people photography that usually accompanies their customer testimonials, so an illustrative route was chosen to represent the A2Dominion customer. These were illustrated in a hand-drawn, linear style which complemented the journey line graphic. The combination of continuity through the graphic line, people illustrations and clear infographics helped cement the message that A2Dominion was committed to supporting their customers throughout a difficult time.

Alongside graphical elements, high-quality photography of the properties that are built and managed by A2Dominion were used throughout. With legibility and clarity of message a core consideration, the overall design allowed for ample white space and was in keeping with a highly professional look and feel.

Solving a unique challenge

This project was completed within a lean timeline and in close partnership with the team at A2Dominion. Attention to detail and accuracy were of paramount importance and we implemented rigorous quality control practices to ensure that proof reading and print production ran smoothly and the document was finished to the highest standard.

The final product was a highly polished document which fulfilled the client brief and exceeded expectations in quality of output. The report was professional, on brand and reflects the client story in an extremely unusual year.