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Creating a future-proof brand

ABHI is the UK’s leading trade association for health technology. After consultations with a marketing and strategy agency, the company decided to go ahead with a rebrand in order to set themselves apart from other similar organisations and to ensure that the branding better reflected the future of the industry.




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Standing out from the crowd

The aim of the rebrand was to future proof the brand for the next 5-10 years by ensuring its relevance to the rapidly changing UK med tech industry. As such, the brand needed to be reflective of technology and innovation and to be bold. Differentiation from other similar organisations was crucial as well. Their current branding used blues and greens which their market was saturated with.

Clean and powerful

We devised logos that leaned on a clean and ultramodern look and feel. Colour was heavily explored, and we purposefully sought out colour opportunities within their industry sphere. Vibrant reds, pinks and oranges were given careful consideration. The chosen concept was a type-only solution that used a punchy red for maximum impact. Whilst simple, the logo proved to be highly effective with nothing else quite like it within their industry. The linear type conveyed a sense of automation and technology. Keeping some clear space on the letters allowed the logo to feel dynamic and flexible.

Crafting a brand language

From the logo we created a visual identity using elements inspired by the shapes of the angles in the letters. The pattern created from the angles were adopted as the main brand element and was highly effective as a visual language to be used and adapted throughout the materials.

A succesful partnership

The final brand was well received, and even received the attention of Health Secretary, Matt Hancock who had praised the brand as being exciting and distinctive within the industry.