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Refreshing the message

Miller are one of the world’s leading specialist insurance and reinsurance brokers. They are known for being specialists across a wide range of sectors. As such, they have a lot of marketing collateral for each area. Over the years, the materials have become inconsistent and confused so they conducted an internal brand audit to streamline the amount of materials and create a strong brand voice. NU Creative was engaged to develop a refreshed look and feel for the brand so there was a consistent message. The overall feel of the new visual identity was to be contemporary yet professional.




Visual Identity RefreshMarketing Materials

Clean is key

New imagery was paired with clean layouts. It was paramount that information was the main focus. Icons and infographics added visual interest, and white space was key in allowing the content to flourish. For fact sheets and covers, we created a coloured graphic device for titles and pull-out information which made good use of their colour palette. We chose colours that matched the tones of the imagery, creating a sense of harmony and cohesion within the documents.

Keeping it simple

We also simplified the use of typography throughout the materials. Historically, the house font Lato was being used in the lighter weights and this lost legibility at smaller sizes. We reduced the amount of overall weights being used and devised a more practical set of style sheets. The final marketing refresh was well received and has been rolled out into all printed and digital materials.

Finding a new angle

The mainstays of the brand would be their logo, fonts and colour palette – their usage decided by us. Miller lacked a strong image library, so this was one of the first elements of the brand refresh that we developed. The use of high-quality photography would elevate their brand to give a professional and polished look and feel. We collated a suite of sector specific imagery, shot at abstract or visually interesting angles. We complemented this suite with some abstract shots of London (where they are headquartered), light trails and data visualisation. These worked well when sector specific imagery wasn’t appropriate or if the subject matter in the material was broader.