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An exciting new alternative in the aerospace sector

We were tasked with the opportunity to create a name and brand for an independent aviation insurance and risk management company. Aviation is a complex industry with very unique challenges and risks. Piiq offers an exciting alternative which is client focussed and talent driven. They are specialists in their field and present themselves as innovative and technologically advanced. The field in which Piiq operates is very top heavy, with larger competitors dominating the industry so allowing them to stand out as a credible solution was key to the project. They aspire to take on the big boys in the industry, so a fresh and tenacious approach was to be adopted for this new brand. 




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We created a bold name to match their bold ambitions.

The initial stage of the project was to come up with a name for the new company. We produced a shortlist of names, each representing attributes that the company wanted to be aligned with. Piiq was devised as a play on the word ‘piquant’ which has connotations with being fiery, spicy and tenacious and was the chosen winner. The appeal of an ultra-modern sounding name would allow the company to stand firm and clear in their industry, drawing interest and intrigue from their name that would inspire how we designed.

Fresh, contemporary and vibrant.

When developing the logo, we were drawn to the ideas of technology, agility and aspiration. We thought about the idea of aerodynamics which is a key concept in aviation and how Piiq has an agile offering. They are an independent company with access to their own, unique software and technological solutions, they focus on having high-calibre talent and that they aim to blaze their way into the insurance field, eventually to overtake their competitors. We crafted a perfectly geometric typeface for their logo which symbolised their expertise and the fluid, flowing lines of the logo mark were inspired by the aerodynamic idea which we had been drawn to.

Award winning design

Cleanliness and modernity is key to their new brand – they are the no-fuss experts. Thoughtful use of typography and the marriage of cool tones and colour pops form the basis of the visual identity along with striking circle graphics and a focus on abstract, aviation-based photography. Along with the professional materials produced, we designed and built their website. In January 2020 the website won an AVA Digital Design Gold Award. It is a striking contrast to any of Piiq’s competitors and showcases company’s forward-thinking and ambition.