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Creating a brand for Revitalise

Revitalise Marketing are marketing consultants & advisors who provide audit checks of your marketing activities via an independent and experienced third party. Aiming to accelerate the growth of B2B SMEs through modern processes along with a vision to transform the marketing of every B2B SME globally.




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Disruptive, energetic and powerful

The logo mark was developed to pair a lightning bolt with a forward moving arrow, whilst anchored to a modern typeface. The electric red and disruptive angles of the lightning bolt reflect the injection of energy and power the service has to offer businesses. The essence of the mark is energetic, fast acting and modern and acts as the perfect catalyst to a visual understanding of the brands core offer. We will empower you.

Short, sharp and shocking

A neon palette was chosen, offering a short, sharp, visual shock which supports the whole essence of the brand being about empowerment and disruption. The addition of urban imagery and diagonal striping as seen in the logo reflects the entrepreneurial, youthful energy of the brand. The typography interacts with the imagery in an edgy, transformational style that is associated with Revitalise Marketing.

Delivering a home for Revitalise

The branding for Revitalise Marketing was very well received. It’s combination of bold striking colours against black and white created an impactful and memorable brand that stands out against other competitors in its field.

Premium positioning

We worked closely with Revitalise’ founding partner to create a brand that was true to their ethos of business enablement and disruption as well as reflecting their straight talking and honest operating model. Their core principles being powerful results achieved through tailored, insightful action.