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A warm and fresh approach for Wellbeing of Women

Wellbeing of Women is a charity dedicated to improving the wellbeing of women, and the only UK charity to invest in research across the full spectrum of women’s reproductive health.

Their website had become overly complex with key information difficult to access. They approached us to develop a new site to tackle this challenge. They wanted the new site to drive donations and engage prospective partners by embracing a more contemporary and fluid approach to the site design and functionality.

We needed to engage a broad range of audiences; researchers, prospective donors or corporate partners, as well as women looking for health information.




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Building on an impressive legacy

Our initial stage was to establish the best possible site structure and user journey through the site ensuring key information, relevant to each audience, was easily accessible. Comprehensive wireframes were developed with each user group in mind.

When approaching the design of the site, we developed a more clean and modern approach, whilst also respecting the legacy and reputation already established through their impressive history. Whilst retaining their existing logo, and primary colours, we expanded their colour palette, introducing a warm coral and subtle mauve, along with complementary tones of green and purple. We refreshed their typography and introduced supporting graphic devices, allowing them more flexibility and modernising the existing brand elements, ensuring the overall feel was approachable and fresh.

Clean, spacious yet dynamic layouts were developed to ensure that information was presented in a clear and accessible way, as was critical for this site. In partnership with our new design elements we utilised bold typography, iconography and infographics, to ensure key information was digestible and engaging.

Crafting the site with ‘Craft’ CMS

Wellbeing of Women is built with CraftCMS, a lightweight and user-friendly CMS. Everything about Craft is focused on user-experience. From very clean editing menus to highly flexible custom fields. This has made it the perfect choice for Wellbeing of Women, who wanted an easy to manage, robust site with longevity. The frontend is built using the latest styling technologies to keep it fresh and relevant for years to come. What comes from that is a responsive website that works well across a vast array of devices.


The final website has been incredibly well received and is already having a huge impact on Wellbeing of Women’s fundraising targets. “NU Creative created a modern, user-friendly website which brought our charity into the 21st century. The team were friendly and a pleasure to work with, answered questions quickly and clearly and, since the launch, their design has already had a huge impact on our fundraising goals.”