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Putting people first

Respectability and trust are the two hallmarks of Xenia’s core values – to be able to take people at their word is key. These values were shared equally between the two entities that came together to form the new offering of Xenia Trade Broking. Although now a brand-new company, the roots and people that form it have many years’ experience and expertise.




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When old meets new

It was important that the look and feel of the company felt quite established to reflect the experience of the business. There had to be a perfect marriage between crafting a logo and visual identity that was both fresh and modern but with the feeling that it wasn’t just a new kid on the block and being different for different sake.

Establishing roots for future growth

The logo uses a stylised pillar which is rooted in the idea that Xenia is both respected and trusted. Whilst the symbolism is quite traditional, it was given a modern look by the clean design and cool colour tones. The overlapping and outstretched posts symbolise Xenia’s ability to adapt under new challenges and the growing expertise of the company.

A sharp online presence

Xenia is built with CraftCMS, a lightweight and user-friendly CMS. Craft is built for user-experience with very clean editing menus and highly flexible custom fields. The frontend is built using the latest styling technologies to keep it fresh and relevant for years to come. What comes from that is a responsive website that works across a vast array of devices that future-proofs Xenia as it grows and develops.

Distinctly defined

Insurance is a densely populated industry with lots of companies shouting to be heard. The overall look and feel of Xenia’s brand enable it to be seen quite distinctly from their competitors. The fusion of traditional and modern elements gives the brand a unique identity which is both credible and established.