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Allowing young voices to be heard

As design partner to Grosvenor, we worked on the creation of a toolkit hub designed to drive youth engagement for development projects. It is aimed at planning teams, local youth services, sports providers and private developers to involve young people in these decisions. They are often excluded from these processes and yet are often the most affected by the changes that occur when redevelopments happen. The toolkit is designed to help those involved in the planning, to be able to run workshops and activities that include young people in a practical and engaging way. One of the benefits of this process is that young people often experience their local areas in a different way to adults, so it helps planners when developing, how best to realise the space so that it works for everyone.  




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Engaging audiences

Once a brand identity was established, it was rolled out onto the toolkit website and a suite of materials with instructions on how to run the workshop sessions. The website detailed advice to users on the purpose of the engaging young people and to run the sessions but the main call to action of the site was to direct users to download the PDF materials which provided the information on how to run each tailored workshop session.

A youthful identity

The hub was given the name, ‘Voice, Opportunity, Power’ and the brief allowed us to develop a bespoke identity. We created a brand that was youthful, energetic and bold. Marker pen strokes were used as graphical elements representing the idea of brainstorming and collaborative working. These were paired with a vibrant colour palette. ‘Monument Expanded’ typeface was used on headings which gave a feeling of making a statement and being heard. We used candid portrait photography of real young people to add authenticity.